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New York-Based Copywriter & Content Marketing Professional for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

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Are you ready to up your content marketing game?

There’s more to marketing than creating a website or hopping on social media. There’s content marketing. For small businesses affected by COVID-19, that’s more important than ever. I’m here to help your business create amazing value-driven content that will get you through this unprecedented time. Whether it’s a new website you’re creating, an old one you’re updating, a blog you’d like to start, some marketing collateral you’d like to freshen up, or a press release you want to send to the media, I’m the go-to copywriter you need. Click below for my free ebook on getting much-needed attention for your business

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Hi, I’m Colette Connolly,  a New York-based copywriter, content marketing professional and website design professional who is passionate about helping small businesses get up to speed with their marketing efforts. What does that mean? It means creating copy that tells a story about your business, that strengthens your messaging so you get noticed by the right customers.  



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